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This company which consists of programmers and graphic designers specialised in clusters of new media field, provides solutions ranging from authoring tool, DRM digital warehousing, distribution and digital marketplace, mobile reader applications and application add-ons such as QR code and augmented reality.

Speak of different operating systems, devices, screen sizes, file sizes and content rendering, these are common obstacles of modern ebook industry. Xentral Methods have come a long way in providing solution for upstream and downstream processes for ebooks.


e-Sentral or also known as eSentral is a South East Asian ebook and interactive content portal. The word “e” refers to electronic or virtual whilst “Sentral” refers to central or market place. e-Sentral is operated by world class Digital Rights Management system to provide a safe bridge to digital.. e-Sentral was initiated to cater for South East Asian demand in ebook on mobile devices, and also as the gateway for global publishers to sell their contents safely.

Platform with two ends – front end for customers, back end for content suppliers and publishers

DRM – e-Sentral uses state of the art proprietary XM DRM to protect ebooks via encryption

Interactive media as ebook

Multiple application eReader




Digital Reading Zone

A bluetooth beacon is a passive marker responding with bluetooh 4.0 devices. What it does is it allows marking of geo-location with specific diameter that corresponds with the mobile app.

The potential revenue comes from selling the newsstand package or ebook catalogue to enterprises such as cafes, restaurants or anywhere with potential reading customer.

Digital Library System

Imagine a library without books, without shelves, without barcodes, without having to

travel to the library itself. Imagine a library not needing space for books, not needing

plenty of resources for maintenance, not needing to track Patrons for book returns.

This is what an electronic library can do.

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