About Us

XM is founded by two technopreneurs, Faiz Al-Shahab and Syed Irfan at the end of 2011. Today, it operates the biggest ebookstore in South East Asia with proprietary cryptography management technology, and is working with more than 1,500 publishers worldwide managing more than a quarter million ebook titles in many languages.

  1. XM have grown e-Sentral to be the biggest eBook Store in SEA – 200k titles from all over the world.

  2. XM holds the biggest repository of local eBooks in Malaysia and Singapore, and 35% of local eBooks in Indonesia.

  3. Built in-house from scratch all related technologies to make an ecosystem for eBook – authoring tool, server architecture, DRM encryption, API feeds, e-Reader applications.

  4. We are currently supplying 21 public libraries with systems and eBook content, used by 170k users.

  5. Ministry of Education Malaysia choice of authoring tool for development of interactive digital textbooks.

  6. 200k titles from all over the world including big names such as Harper-Collins.

  7. XM also became the first company to introduce bluetooth beacon technology in distributing eBooks for micro-location premises.

  8. XM e-Studio Authoring Tool won WSIS2018 award in Geneva for digital community contribution.