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XM’s philosophy revolves around common sense, with objective to push technology to its limits for the betterment of mankind. XM views our Clients as our partners and strives to be the best of partners by making sure that being flexible and also actively solving issues. We view complacency as roots of all failures, thus being pioneer and the first is truly pivotal to this philosophy.

White Label

Brand your own webstore, digital library, content management and application for ebooks and audiobooks.

eBook Building

Customize Your Media Rich eBooks In ePUB Standards.

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Interactive Books

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If verbatim e-books are not your thing, then a full on e-book that has interactive elements will be the answer. XM is a leading company in html5 development, made suit for all operating systems of tablet devices. Actually, your future of publishing can begin here. XM provides a complete solution to create innovative reading experience via interactive elements that includes 360° rotation effects, panoramic views, navigational options, video and audio. Although these solutions are of a normality today and can be conducted through many software packages available out there, XM service evolves around simplifying these processes for your entity. XM does not thrive on the technology of rich interactive media, but rather the creativity and innovation which add value for the content.

Digital Conversion

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Digital contents are becoming more and more crucial in today's world as e-books and e-publications are preparing a new promising market for publishing players and writers to venture in. Whilst digitalisation process is not rocket science, but converting pdf or graphic files to make suit for digital market could be tedious and not so straight forward after all. XM prepares the affordable avenue for publishers and writers to create their e-book documents so that it could be made available to digital shops and distributors. If time and learning curve is your constraints, then this will be the ideal solution for you to digitalise back catalogue and existing titles at a minimal cost.

Rate Card

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Working with our conversion house will help simplify EPUB creation, metadata management, and delivery to the marketplaces.
To assist with this, Xentral Methods has structured consistent and straightforward terms for the use of our Marketplace clients:

*Note that you must have an active contract to continue with this process and obtain special price.
Supported languages include Dutch, English, Malay, Indonesian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.
Other languages may be supported, please check with us for more details.
The conversion work does not include editing or restructuring of content.
*Based on standard quote book conversion, custom quotes may vary in conversion turnaround time. Book Conversion Subsidised Program (Bind Contract with eSentral Marketplace)

To begin converting your catalog, you will enter into an agreement with Xentral Methods that includes the following terms:

IOT Offering for eBook

Using Bluetooth Low Emission Beacon, We Can Track And Offer Solutions for eBook And More.

Digital Textbook Platform

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Modern education poses new challenges in providing big bandwidth for online usage for schools, even in remote areas, and standardise device for consumption. Our platform which is tailor made for developing nations with Internet infrastructure challenges and non-standardised hardware, provide solutions to mass produce interactive digital textbooks with these in mind:

  1. Cross platform – works on all operating systems
  2. Download-able – usage offline
  3. Friendly to all device size – responsive to all screen size
  4. Manufacturing management
  5. To catalyse industry’s capacity to mass produce interactive digital textbook.
  6. Standardise and control quality of digital textbooks produced.
  7. Introduce interactive elements, video, audio, 3-D, animation and widgets into educational ebooks in a collaborative way with an output that complies with EPUB 3.0 standard, lightweight, responsive, and cross platform.

Websites, Apps and Systems

Build Websites, Portals, Systems And Applications That Are Non-eBook Related.

Koha Support

Koha, Integrated Library Systems (ILS) support

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XM supports Koha the opensource library system, XM team consist of experianced programmers and librarians, who can help libraries install and customise Koha, we also support data migration from old systems to Koha. contact us for any inquiries.

Koha is the first free software library automation package. In use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of users collaborating to achieve their technology goals. Koha’s feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base, learn more about Koha from https://koha-community.org official community website.



Item Description RM US$ SST
1 KOHA Basic Installation Koha Latest Software Installation: a) Simple configuration- language, logo, settings b) Modules -  acquisitions, circulation, cataloging, serials management, authorities, flexible reporting, label printing, multi-format notices, offline circulation c) Non-Web/Cloud Integration - Local Server d) 3months warranty e) Remote Installation 12,500.00 2,777.78 750.00
2 KOHA Module Setup Setup & Data Migration from Legacy & Testing 7,500.00 1,666.67 450.00
3 Dspace Basic Installation Installation, simple configuration & initial setup 16,800.00 3,733.33 1,008.00
4 VuFind Harvest Installation Installation, simple configuration & initial setup 18,900.00 4,200.00 1,134.00
5 KOHA Advance Setup Multi-Branch 3,500.00 777.78 210.00
6 KOHA Advance Setup Data Migration for each Branch 9,500.00 2,111.11 570.00
7 KOHA Advance Setup Legacy Data & Migration for Cloud Setup & Registration / Login 11,200.00 2,488.89 672.00
8 KOHA Advance Setup OAI-PMH 7,800.00 1,733.33 468.00
9 KOHA Advance Setup Multi Language Setting 3,600.00 800.00 216.00
10 ELIB Digital Library Basic Storage, Lending & Inventory API with DRM 17,800.00 3,955.56 1,068.00
11 EReader White Label  Android Android eReader application make up with logo and branding 25,700.00 5,711.11 1,542.00
12 EReader White Label iOS iOS eReader application make up with logo and branding 32,500.00 7,222.22 1,950.00
13 DRM In-the-fly Service Encryption & Decryption service per book for ereader to read 5.15 1.14 0.31
14 DRM Permanent Keep Encryption & Decryption service per book for Archiving 25.00 5.56 1.50
15 Extended Warranty KOHA (all Installations) 12 months of Support & Maintenance 7,200.00 1,600.00 432.00
16 Surcharge On Site Installation KOHA Semenanjung MALAYSIA 1,200.00 266.67 72.00
17 Surcharge On Site Installation KOHA Sabah & Sarawak 1,800.00 400.00 108.00

* These prices are indicative rate card and can vary depending on inflation, time of occurences, and variance in the specifications required